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Hookie for Nookie is a unisex urban brand with soul. A merging of raw art, fresh graphics and geometric prints. Designs are an amalgamation of my own abstract painting and graphic design, sometimes singularly but often layered and combined. Simple, authentic and always unique, challenging perception and comfort zones. Limited edition print runs.

When designing, commercial viability is the furthest thing from my mind. Hookie for Nookie is a business second, first its an uncontrollable urge to purge myself creatively, therefore designs are a direct extension of myself, mind to medium without excessive thought, merely interpretations of how my synapses are firing. Not aiming at a mass market, Im developing cult ideas which you get or don't, feel or don't, either is good for me as long as I'm confident that each item that goes into print is authentic and true, ego is art, art is ego, the two can combine in a beautiful way.  

People, places, things that inspire and conspire to make our world a colourful and diverse tank of wondrous creativity, in all its genres and mediums, it floats our boat.  

Urban culture, subculture with a hint of the underbelly, the driving force behind Hookie for Nookie. A huge dollop of Punk meets a dash of fetish, collides with studio 54, add a pinch of pop and a lot of attitude.... welcome to our world. 

So, Urban wear, street style, kit, gear, call it what you will, we will not be compromising on function or slick style. In fact, we will be bringing it to you in spades. Artist led, edgy, fresh design, fused with soulful intent and passion. Pixelated, out of focus, blurred edges all part of the plan, authentic and un over edited.

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