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My journey as an artist started with abstract painting and drawing.. 

...a long long time ago I started squirrelling away pieces of work under my bed, then 3.5 years ago a tragic family event sent my painting, drawing and graphic design into what can only be described as manic and obsessional. Often with little or no recollection on its making. 

Art is for sharing and sadly it’s still a very elite world. I feel passionately about my art and creative process, it’s authenticity and soulful intent and feel this is a wonderful way in which to share. 

Please note: slight tweaks may occur within these designs, this is part of the process, the parameters that you see here will remain the same.


I am a compulsion artist. Driven by an uncontrollable urge to produce raw unplanned work. Mind to medium. Dont see what I see. Don't feel what I feel. I don't care what you see or feel. Just make it something. Your something. 

Heavily inspired by embracing the imperfect world of Wabi-Sabi and the shocking beauty that this often brings. Transience. Impermanence.... Crinkled fabric. Fold lines. A shaky hand. Tired 2am eyes. Sticky old paint. Big fat ageing masonry brushes. Letting go and allowing authenticity and instinct to be my guide. A physical expression of simple, organic energy flow in all its moods. 

You will also happen upon more than a dash of punk and the odd spray can. 

I often have little recollection of the act of creating a piece for print. It just is. The artist that allows oneself to be seized by a powerful force, a passion, a vague but volatile need to create something; anything, now, and who knows that such beautifully brute interruptions of life come only as often as one creates a space for such a thing to occur, that is the intention and discipline in bending the day towrds creative acts, that opens the soul and calls forth that splendid shock and inspiration of genius 

I have no 'formal' art training/education. My gut. My instinct. My desire and urge to create are my constant educators. Learning always